Over 60 Control Rooms built in 25 countries

With over 40 years of experience, ABP (formally Alifabs) has earned the reputation of being world leaders in the design and development of specialist structures for the airport sector. This reputation has led many airport authorities and aviation clients to approach ABP for advice, consultancy and design input at a projects initial concept.

Our accumulated knowledge from over 60 projects in 25 different countries truly makes ABP one of the world’s foremost companies in airport related structural design and innovation.

Visual Control Rooms
ABP is an internationally recognised leader in the design, manufacture and construction of Visual Control Rooms (VCRs).
Sonarview Glazing
Sonarview is a chemically toughened, laminated, solar control safety glass incorporating an electrically operated heating layer
Radar Structures
Extensive experience within the airport sector with combined knowledge and skills in building telecommunications structures.
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