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Sonarview Glazing

Sonarview is a chemically toughened, laminated, solar control safety glass incorporating an electrically operated heating layer which may be controlled manually or automatically to prevent condensation and icing. It has been independently tested and has been accepted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), RAF, MoD and many other civil and military authorities worldwide.

Uninterrupted visibility for A.T.C. Visual Control Rooms

Sonarview combines heated elements, body tinting and laminating to provide:

  • Freedom from condensation and icing
  • Reduced sound penetration
  • Reduced solar heat gains
  • Reduced glare and reflection
  • No double imaging
  • Safety glazing

Freedom from condensation and icing

The design of the heating elements can be adapted to specific conditions to keep Sonarview free from condensation and ice even at extreme temperatures. The narrow spacing of the heating conductors gives even heating of the whole glass area, without any optical distortion. The heating elements may be controlled manually, semiautomatic or be fully automated.

Sound control

Tests on Sonarview glazing have shown that the achieved sound reduction meets the standards set by the Civil Aviation Authority and the US Federal Aviation Administration. The system in which Sonarview is glazed minimises the effect of structure borne sound.

Solar heat control

The green-tinted external layers of glass reduce the amount of solar heat gain, contributing to a comfortable internal environment. The toughening of the layers also reduces the risk of thermal breakage.

Reduction of solar glare and reflection

Brightness and reflected glare are reduced without affecting vision. Internal reflection is avoided by installing the glass sloping outwards.


The toughened panes provide greater resistance to wind loads and impact by hard objects. This, combined with the Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB.) lamination, means that even when damaged the glass will normally remain intact and allow sufficient visibility for continued use.


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